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The Airplac® brand was registered only in 2015, but we have been inventing foam boards since 1992. Our large range of panels are for specialists in the print & graphic arts sector.


Discover the Airplac® story and see images that show amazing results when an ounce of creativity is combined with technical know-how on an Airplac® panel.


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Creative World 2018 :

Craft and Fun for all Seasons !

For the Airplac® team, Creative World is all about expressing imagination. Every year we try to amaze everybody who visits our stand. In January 2018 we designed the stand around the theme “Craft for all Seasons”. It was a complete success in that almost every visitor took photos and commented on the wealth of ideas.


All the walls of the stand were covered with special Silver foam board panels and the 26m² looked double the size. Centre-stage was an enormous Box pallet - 2m50 x 1m50 x 1m30 in dimension. The 4 side panels with the lettering “Craft for all Seasons” were designed by Design Studio TRUC in Paris and showed all the Fun that can be had and communicated with our new Airplac® CREATIVE panel. (Three of the side panels were reserved by Customers who wanted to replicate the ideas in their Showrooms). On top of the box pallet, we presented amusing DIY creations that were that were made by our local artist, Régine Chaptal.


Our street-art partner, La Coulure collective in Lyon, joined in the fun by painting a series of panels on the 4 season’s theme and designing and painting a beautiful work of art to hide an ugly pillar on the stand.


We met many loyal customers and made new friends at the Show. Many thanks to all who participated and looking forward to seeing you again next year.



Airplac®CREATIVE :

a new fun board for DIY and painting enthusiasts


Do you know someone who dreamed of a foam board that they could draw on with markers or paint on with acrylics? Someone who wondered if there was a board that they could cut into different shapes and make rounded edges for artistic shapes? Yes everyone who wondered where they could find something that would be more robust than a sheet of paper and more rigid than a canvas has now got a solution at hand. The Airplac® team, specialists in traditional foam boards have invented a new Fun Board called: Airplac®CREATIVE.



Airplac®CREATIVE is a lightweight panel with a plastic surface that cuts easily with a cutter and even with a hot wire cutting tool. Rigid and robust, it is perfect for DIY and decorative activities. Its smooth surface is good for acrylic paint and all types of markers. As it is waterproof, it can be dunked or floated on aquatic surfaces – just be careful to use waterproof inks if you want a floating sculpture.


Airplac®CREATIVE is an extremely versatile solution for people who want to paint, draw, cut and create things. The 50x70 cm size can be cut to smaller sizes or two or more panels can be stuck together to make a bigger panel if that is what’s called for. Our local artist, Régine Chaptal, was completely taken by our new Fun Board and told us that it really inspired her DIY works on the 4 seasons theme.


Click here to see photos of some of Régine’s creations.


The Airplac® Team will participate at the FESPA Trade Fair in Berlin, from the 15th to the 18th of May.


FESPA is the market leading exhibition for speciality printers, embracing signage and graphics. It is the top spot for meeting all the most important actors in the wide format digital and silk-screen printing universe.


From 15 – 18 May on the Airplac® stand D30 in Hall 1.1, you will discover the great foam board ideas we have come to show you. Right now, we will only reveal the general theme of the décor: Surfing at the beach !



Airplac®BLACK Plus is now available in our catalogue ! The light and extra-rigid 10mm panel with a solid black core and matt black liners, combines quality and refinement.


Airplac®BLACK Plus, it is also:

• 100% Virgin Styrene dyed solid black

• Highly compression resistant

• pH neutral surface for extra durability

• Indoor applications

• A perfect panel for exhibition graphics, hanging signs and mounting




Légende : Sizes hold in stock, with their packaging. Other sizes until 1524x3050mm, within 3 weeks lead-time.


FESPA 2018





Airplac® will make a great impression at Fespa in Berlin !


New: Airplac® launches Airplac®BLACK Plus, the new all black foam board panel in 10mm thickness

The show will be a great place to meet and to show you our new Airplac®BLACK Plus panel that is 10mm thick, extra – rigid 100% solid black virgin styrene foam with a matt black paper liner that is elegantly under-stated. Airplac®BLACK Plus is available in our largest sizes with a width of 1524mm.


If you would like to avail of some free entry passes to the show, please  click-here !


Looking forward to meeting you on our stand at Fespa




Airplac®FIXTIC, the new self-adhesive Airplac® panel for very large formats

Airplac®FIXTIC is a self-adhesive panel made from our new extra-rigid foam board, which provides a strong rigidity and compression resistance to the panel. The self-adhesive face of Airplac®FIXTIC has a squared protective film.


Airplac®FIXTIC, it is also:

• 100% Virigin and extra-white styrene

• A very good dimensional stability for large panels

• A pH neutral self-adhesive surface to ensure the good preservation of laminated documents

• A panel adapted to indoor applications

• A perfect panel for making lamination of documents, advertising posters, architects plans, photos, etc.





 Légende : Sizes hold in stock, with their packaging. Other sizes until 1524x3050mm, within 3 weeks lead-time.


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